Wine tasting and dining

Wine tasting

Wine tasting;  a selection of wines are brought to taste at the house
Wine tasting with local cuisine;  a selection of wines are brought to taste at the house accompanied by regional dishes
Wine tasting tour;  visit to a local winery

Roast pork or lamb on a spit or steak

For large parties you can order roast pork or lamb cooked on a spit or beef steak. The meat is roasted on site and is accompanied by local dishes and wine.  If you prefer to organise some of the party yourself, for example providing your own accompanying dishes and or wine, we are happy to accommodate this. To avoid disappointment, book the spit roast early.

Pizza parties

Pizza dough is brought to the house and fresh pizzas are prepared at the house and cooked in the pizza oven by local cooks.  If you have pizza topping preferences the cooks will be happy provide these.

Local cuisine

If you prefer a selection of local dishes this can also be provided, it is prepared at the house and served to you at the table.  The cooks are very flexible and you can request what you like and the level of formality you prefer.  Wine can be provided if required. 

Cookery demonstrations

Learn how to make traditional dishes prepared in The Yellow House kitchen by a local chef.  Guests can be involved in the preparation or just watch the experts at work.  Enjoy the fruits of your labour accompanied by regional wines.